Treat Mastitis Effectively and Save Money At The Same Time.
   We'll show you how...

Treat cow mastitis
New Mastitis Cure






"Finally here is an all-natural product to help you cure mastitis effectively and affordably - and not worry about antibiotics in your cow's milk" "Help you produce Organic milk,green your milk!"

Think about it for a minute. You know mastitis is the most expensive disease on your farm. At last here is a product that is very effective as a treatment for mastitis. Plus our patented prescription means you never have to throw out the cow's milk after the treatment. Read on and discover exactly how this new product will help lower mastitis costs in your dairy herd. At the end of the day it'll leave more money in your pocket. You'll learn:

*  How to spend LESS MONEY on every cow you have to treat for mastitis.

*  How to improve your bottom line by choosing the right product for your cows.

*  How to produce oragnic milk. You'll be able to increase profit since organic milk is worth more.

*  How an all-natural treatment will change the way you treat mastitis on your farm.

*  What many dairy farmers, just like you, are choosing for their mastitis program.

*  Why you need to try this *NEW* mastitis product today.

Introducing Masfrigao and Quartergao non-antibiotic mastitis treatment from VET HON.

Eliminate Mastitis in Lactating Cows in Only Two Days!

Nothing has a bigger impact on your farm's profits than mastitis. Every day you have to be on the look out for new infections... and sooner or later another cow gets a new case. Now you can eliminate those new cases of mastitis faster with Masfrigao and Quartergao! And you'll never have to worry about antibiotic residues in your milk tank. The patented prescription is an all-natural medicine. Simply infuse 15ml Masfrigao directly in the infected quarter 3 or 4 consecutive milkings.Or simply smear 80-100g ointment Quartergao on the infected quarter 3-4 doses.It is very effective against 95% of all initial cases of clinical mastitis. No antibiotics and no milk discarded! In many clinical tests Masfrigao and Quartergao has proven to be more effective than traditional antibiotic treatments for clinical mastitis. Click here to see the results of these tests.

It's 100% Safe!

You know how much antibiotic residues in your milk tank can cost you. Well with Masfrigao and Quartergao you'll never need to be concerned again. Because of it's unique formulation any milk from a cow you treat with Masfrigao and Quartergao will not have to be thrown away. It has a 0 hour milk withhold time. There is no antibiotics. It is completely safe.

Completely Effective... Completely Safe!

Find out for yourself what VET HON products will do for your cows on your farm. Just send a email to us.

GAO Mastitis Medicine


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